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Certified Elemental Space Clearer

Karen Gloeggler

Are you feeling stuck, heavy, sad, stressed out, anxious and fearful?


What is an elemental space clearing? Elemental Space Clearing clears the negative energy, vibrations, and feelings that can overwhelm a space, and invite incredible blessings into your home.


Blockages and barriers in your life mystically drop away, by removing financial, emotional and physical blocks for increased wealth, health and well-being. Energy for you, your family members and pets is immediately improved. Additionally, sales and profits expand especially for home businesses. Home dwellers are discovering that health, well-being, and abundance skyrocket when a home has had a space clearing.


Elemental Space Clearing begins with an interview with the client where we discuss their goals and what may be bothering them about the space. The most common goals are for prosperity, good relationships, protection, and courage.


Elemental Space Clearing can be done for a home or an office. On the day of the clearing Karen brings many tools which might include a drum, pine branches, feathers, a singing bowl, flowers, incense, crystals, grains, angels, music, and oracle cards. She uses mudras, which are arm and hand movements, and essential oils for each of the steps. The steps include removing the negative energy, soothing the remaining energy, and then finally bringing in energy based on the client’s intentions.


Home or Office Clearing

1 Video Session &

 1In-person Session

6 Month Package

1 Video Session & Monthly

In-person Sessions

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About Karen

Karen Gloeggler is a Certificated Professional Space Clearing expert and began practicing in 2015. Karen trained with Denise Linn, a world-acclaimed expert in feng shui and space clearing with over 40 years of experience.


By providing clearing, Karen channels her inner shaman, while providing others with light energy, to receive more clarity within their lives. She has cleared rooms for reiki masters to prepare the space for student training. Professionals in all walks of life have increased their abundance, happiness, and prosperity directly after Karen has completed a clearing.


Using ancient techniques that are proven to uplift your mood, your energy, your sense of well-being and increased prosperity, Karen tailors each clearing to address your goals. Additionally, clearing provides support in understanding how clutter can clog energy and assisting with the importance of the decluttering process.  


Lexi Ainsworth


"If anyone is interested in doing a space clearing for their home or wants to learn more about what that is, Karen Gloeggler is a wonderful person who can elevate your home to a new level depending on your needs. After the clearing I felt my home had a lightness to it and I began making small changes around the home and setting intentions that helped guide me on a path for growth. It can be helpful for someone who wants to get a jump start on a new project or something that you want to cultivate in your life."

Scott William Thomspon

Usui/Karuna Meditation Reiki Master Teacher

I have used the space clearing services of Karen Gloeggler. Karen is very precise with her intuition and creates a space that supports the intention. In both of my Reiki Classes, Karen had created such a wonderful space where my students were relaxed and engaged in their learning. I highly recommend Karen for all your space clearing needs.

Elizabeth Marshall

Karen is amongst one of the finest healers I've ever had the chance to meet.  She performed an Elemental Space Clearing for my home and the results were noticeable and immediate.  With her knowledge and deep level of empathy, she was able to effectively rid my house of stagnant energy that had been weighing on me for years.  My home felt lighter and cleaner, and I was able to tackle some long standing emotional blocks I was unable to release on my own.  I can't recommend Karen enough! 

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